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A Q&A with Siemens Partners Maya HTT and Incisiv

Remi Duquette, Maya HTT’s VP of Innovation and Industrial AI, recently spoke with Dave Weinand, Chief Customer Officer for Incisiv, about application development platforms (ADPs). The discussion covered topics from the most important functionalities to look for when choosing and ADP to what you need to get started, and how Maya HTT leverages Mendix for cloud-native application development to deliver the best value.

Duquette believes cloud-native app development will continue to grow as clients expect faster deployment of applications. Cloud-native platforms that incorporate low-code or no-code functionality make it possible to deliver quickly and to spend less time writing code and more time innovating.

The cloud-native approach that Mendix brings will definitely continue to unlock new possibilities and accelerate application development.

— Remi Duquette

Maya HTT’s approach to app development is to help clients define a roadmap by establishing which data points, clean-up activities, and processes are needed to be effective and minimize overall costs. With a well-defined business case, the technology requirements can quickly be nailed down.

Solutions such as Mendix allow Maya HTT to accelerate the development process and deployment time, offering great value and efficiency, particularly when integrating operational and manufacturing data into applications. For example, Maya HTT developed a data cleaning engine that provides unsupervised outlier detection to scan and clean data. When included as a component of Mendix, it helps keep the project on time and on budget.

We’ve been able to leverage Mendix on the app development side and MindSphere on the industrial IoT Solutions side to simplify that process and bring more value.

— Remi Duquette

Application development platforms should enable developers to unlock enterprise sources of data quickly and easily. Maya HTT takes full advantage of the benefits of cloud-native platforms and low-code development functionality to reduce the complexity of front-end, data modeling, and data connectivity efforts. These benefits yield advantages for Maya HTT clients.

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Our work in this area has helped shop floor technicians uncover faulty devices or sub-systems in the early stages of their manufacturing process, saving them both time and money by reducing re-work and reducing raw material waste. We have also helped manufacturers with product quality prediction based on real-time telemetry from the dozens of manufacturing stages. Our AI agent provides great forecasting capability to predict quality failures far upstream of the manufacturing process.

Find out more about Mendix and our cloud-native, low-code app development services. Contact a Maya HTT expert.

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