Aiming for a better future: going faster and farther with better designs and workflows

Engineer working on a wind turbine designAs we at Maya HTT consider the year ahead of us and reflect on the year behind us, we are guided by the values and mission that thread their way through everything we do. And so, we’d like to share our perspective on where we’ve been in 2022 and where we’re going in 2023.

Going faster

One of our interns is sitting in an electric race car designed and built by a team of students determined to win the acceleration race. The car goes from 0-100 km/h in 2.6 seconds, turns on a dime, and is part of a comeback story. If the car had a rear-view mirror, our intern would be able to see the competition getting smaller and smaller in it.

Going farther

Our space simulation team has secured front-row seats to an interesting and far-out perspective: the view from a lunar rover exploring the far side of the moon. For now, they’re hanging tight and working on thermal simulations because the conditions promise to be extreme.

Designing better

We’re making mold cooling prediction easy, leaning into the corners with autonomous mobile robots, and delivering CFD simulation to improve ship propulsion systems. Above all, we are staying the course in keeping shops and warehouses and oceans full of better designs.

Working better

Our ideas for how to help our clients often stem from how we help ourselves. We look for ways to improve our efficiency and collaboration – for example, with file-searching superpowers – and then we share them. Why? Because coming up with innovative solutions is what we do.

Our vision of a better future

Our clients are tackling the most complex problems facing humanity today, and we’re working right there alongside them. Better thinking, better future is not just our tagline. It is how we use our expertise to improve the world.

With intelligent technology behind life-saving outcomes in the operating room to underground approaches to agriculture that can feed the world no matter what the weather throws at us, we’re heading into a better future.

This year, we’ve been to the moon and the ocean, to the racetrack and the warehouse, to the OR and the farm. We don’t know for sure where 2023 will take us, but we know it will be exciting.

Join us on our mission, and find out what we can help you do.

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