FE Translation API.

Simple finite element (FE) data extraction and manipulation over proven translator technology

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One tool for all your FE conversion needs

Eliminate the need to maintain different toolsets for translating FE models.

This one tool simplifies FE conversion:

  • Seamless and efficient data manipulation
  • Single Interface
  • Multiple languages
finite element anaylsis

Easy FE data extraction and manipulation

Extract diverse solver environment data uniformly using a single interface.

Bring in all the necessary data using one standalone cloud-based toolset:

  • Uniform interface for reading and writing FE Models from different solver environments
  • Simple data extraction and manipulation
  • Web application

Proven and adopted translator technology

Avoid the limitations of proprietary point-to-point translators.

Comprehensive data model with continuous feature additions:

  • Hub-and-spoke architecture for easy extension to new file formats
  • Web server application for data extraction
  • Customizable to suit proprietary data
Maya HTT FE Translator API diagram

Licensed middleware for your program or application

Tailored to support client-specific formats and versions (mix and match):

  • Ready to deploy as a middleware (C# and python bindings)

  • Extensible

  • Neutral

  • Performant

  • C/C++ based

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