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Combining mechanical functions with electronics, software and controls requires an approach to product development that integrates recurrent physical prototyping and workflows for simulation and testing.

Simcenter 3DTM enhances your Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) process, when developing or improving your products, by enabling you to analyze simulation results that replicate real-life scenarios. Simcenter 3D simulations help manage the complexity of designing and engineering, while allowing you to deliver innovations more quickly and confidently.

White Paper: Modeling Lunar and Martian Environments with Simcenter 3D Space Systems Thermal

The paper presents the methods Maya HTT engineers used to obtain accurate thermal models of the lunar and Mars surfaces. They were able to simulate the Moon’s poor thermal conductivity, zero-atmosphere conditions and long lunar nights, as well as the diffuse sky illumination and increased sky temperature created by the dust storms and low atmospheric pressure on Mars.

As interest in travelling to Mars and the Moon increases and more rovers and landers are planned for both destinations, there is a growing need to model the Martian and lunar thermal environments. The lunar environment initially seems less complex to model due to the lack of atmosphere.

Simulation expertise

Maya HTT provides a wide variety of comprehensive multidisciplinary engineering simulations that let you analyze product design and predict its durability in real-life scenarios.

Thermal/Flow simulations

Assess and predict product performance if overheating and excessive thermal stresses occur by modeling how conduction, convection, and radiation effect the product. Analyze two-phase flows, mixed convection, condensation, and particle tracking using our flow solver solutions. The Simcenter 3D thermal/flow solver environment is an industry leading, comprehensive heat transfer and flow simulation suite.

Fluid dynamics simulation

Predict real-world performance using Maya HTT’s industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that can simulate almost any engineering problem that involves fluids, structures and all of the associated physics. We have a strong record of successful fluid dynamics experience in aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, high tech electronics, heavy industry, and manufacturing applications.

Structural simulation

Accurately simulate a wide range of mechanical designs from both a dynamic and structural perspective. Simcenter 3D can simulate how a component or product assembly reacts under stress or vibration by meshing complex parts, modelling large assemblies, validating finite element models, as well as extracting critical information from the solution. We also have experience with vibration, shock simulation and modal testing, as well as with software development of durability and laminates composites simulation products.

Multi-physics simulation

Define a multi-physics simulation that performs a coupled thermal-structural analysis. The simulation helps you analyze the interaction of multi-physical domains, including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, thermal and controls.

Acoustics simulation

Perform a pure acoustic analysis or a coupled vibro-acoustic analysis for both interior and exterior acoustics to optimize your products acoustic performance. Minimize noise, optimize sound quality, and meet regulatory compliance standards using Simcenter 3D’s  acoustic modeling environment. A unified and scalable modeling environment, combined with efficient solvers and easy-to-interpret visualization capabilities, enable you to quickly gain insight into the acoustic performance of your product.

Cold Chain simulation

Simulate temperature changes to sensitive bio-pharmaceutical products that requires precise control of temperature.  Simulate temperature response over any distribution network, temperature-sensitive product packaging, and drop/shock and vibration. Using our advanced cold chain simulation, you can predict and evaluate the impact of ambient temperature excursions on product integrity.

Simulation Automation

Simulate the design of the manufacturing process to validate and optimize manufacturing process sequences, which helps you to capture, standardize and automate repetitive CAE processes.

Composites simulation

Create, optimize and validate composite structures using the Simcenter 3D Laminate Composites modular simulation toolset. Using the simulation toolset, which includes structural analysis and thermo-mechanical simulations you can analyze the behavior of layered composites and their progressive degradation.

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