Design Optimization.

Design Interoperability for better collaboration

Electromechanical design is an extremely complex process with components that rely on integrated electronics. Medical, aerospace, automotive, machinery and other manufacturers have the difficult task   of integrating electronic, electrical and mechanical components. Without proper design and integration, these components may conflict and misalign so most manufacturers collaborate using an ECAD-MCAD co-design process.

Maya HTT provides solutions that enable mechanical, electrical and control-systems designers to share information in real time in order to deliver products on time and under budget without compromising innovation or quality.

How Maya HTT Can Help

Improving the ECAD-MCAD design process

Maya HTT delivers the tools and technology that add to the ECAD-MCAD processes and improve design efforts. Maya HTT also has the collective expertise to assist manufacturers with installing and operating design systems.

What we can help you with


Data Exchange

Using our NX Package and PCB Exchange  application can help you to coordinate, synchronize and share data with your design team, which reduces errors and prevents electromechanical issues, while accelerating the design process.


Our proprietary ELMA  is a standalone lightweight viewer for comparing schematic, PCB layout, and 3D CAD design files with full cross-probing and mark-up that is available to all stakeholders in the design process.

Design Simulation

Design simulation can include a wide range of analyses that virtually test behavior of a product under various operating and environmental conditions. The analysis can cover aspects such as structural behavior, acoustics, system dynamics, crash-worthiness, thermal and flow analysis, stress analysis, fuel economy, controls development and much more.

Design Validation

Maya HTT offers visual product analytics and validation tools that ensure product quality and provide accurate data in real time, concerning risk management and  impact resolution.

Injection Molding Simulation

With Maya HTT validation and mold flow analysis solutions, you will be able to assess the adaptability of your parts in the early stages of product development.

Manufacturing Design

Our high-definition 3D tools automate and formalize the design review process, helping you reduce manufacturing defects, costs, delays and the number of engineering change orders (ECOs).

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Solutions for your industry

Maya HTT started out by helping to develop space exploration projects. The sky wasn't the limit. We now also develop for and offer products from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Are you looking for software solutions that specifically address your industry’s needs?

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