Vehicle Electrification Lunch and Simulate Series

Across industries, electrical components and systems are becoming increasingly instrumental to next-generation product development. Yet, such systems present challenges in terms of complexity, sizing, and cost. How do companies enhance their workflows to accommodate for this growing need?

The solution lies in achieving superior engineering efficiency, excellence and speed. You need tools with the intelligence, automation, and documentation capabilities needed to handle the growing size and complexity of electrical content.

This series of four webinars offers solutions to the challenges of next-gen electromechanical design.

1. Solving the Challenges of Electrical Complexity

  • IES Product Overview
  • Keynote Speakers: Siemens and Innovative Vehicle Institute
  • Workflow Demo: Solving The Challenges Of Electrical Complexity

2. E-Motor Performance Degradation Due to Demagnetization

  • Overview of Motor Service Life and Demagnetization Analysis
  • Workflow Demo: Demagnetization Analysis of a Modern Electrical Vehicle.

3. Component Sizing and Sub-systems Integration in a Full Vehicle Context

  • Accurate Sizing and Integration of Sub-systems in Full Vehicle Context (E-Motor, Thermal Management, …).
  • Workflow Demo: Complete Electric Vehicle Model.

4. Customized additional session to address your pressing concerns

Watch the full series

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