Mendix Low-Code.

Enterprise apps made easy

Limited by an overloaded IT department? Low-code tools democratize development, putting enterprise app creation into the hands of users who know the organization’s systems and needs best.

Ease the IT burden without sacrificing IT controls. Get set up and running on the Mendix platform with our help. Benefit from solutions for connectivity, data integration, and embedded machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

We know code and low-code




We are enterprise app experts. Take a smooth, no-fuss approach to the Mendix low-code/no-code platform with our guidance. We have the implementation and development experience to help you integrate, connect, and embed solutions for maximum gain with minimum pain.

Some project highlights

Dashboard tools

Built a dashboard for sensor data coming from various sources

Simulation management tools

Built a tool to queue and solve numerical simulations on several workstations on local network

Digital shopfloor router

Increased efficiency of shopfloor operations by centralizing all information about jobs in a single place

Software that speaks your language

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do. Here are just some of our other software development services:

  • Custom web and mobile apps
  • Custom connectors and widgets
  • Connection and integration with other systems and software
  • Connection to real-time data
  • Embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence models
  • Optimized solutions and product configurations
  • Workshops on architecture and governance
  • Training, mentoring, and support

How to engineer efficiency

Success stories



Self-learning application for determining the optimal settings of an industrial machine in a...

Siemens Mobility

Siemens Mobility

Making operations in train stations more efficient and transparent Railway operators face the...

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