Thermal Simulation.

Stress-free thermal analysis

Elevate product performance with thermal analysis that accurately reveals and predicts heat transfer problems. Avoid underlying issues with overheating and excessive thermal stress to prevent equipment failure, poor performance, and structural distortion.

Improve productivity and gain confidence with real-world thermal simulation expertise in conduction, two-phase flows, mixed convection, condensation, and radiation. Benefit from automation tools that boost productivity beyond commercial off-the-shelf capabilities.

We are engineers for engineers




We know thermal simulation, on Earth and in space. From thermal optimization to workflow automation, get the modeling and simulation capabilities needed to achieve excellent thermal performance, at the right scale and depth for your project.

Some project highlights

Space systems

Thermal management of satellites and rocket payloads

Electronic systems

Cooling, from component junctions to the board/system level


Novel architectural designs from hospitals to hockey arenas


Battery thermal control optimization and headlamp design

Food industry

Increased oven baking throughput by 35%

Industrial equipment

Reduced mold cooling cycle time by 27%

Consumer goods

Reduced curing time of composite hockey masks by 30%

Delivering exceptional technical expertise

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do. Here arejust some of our other services:

  • Two-phase flow, mixed convection, condensation, particle tracking
  • Multiphysics (fluid, thermal, structural) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI)
  • Thermal optimization
  • Subroutines for modeling complex heating problems
  • Automation tools, scripts, and APIs that exceed commercial off-the-shelf solutions
  • NX workflow automation
  • Cold chain simulation

Digitization and the digital twin

Success stories

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace, in its efforts to build innovative solutions for space missions, sought Maya...

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