Motion & Dynamics Simulation.

Predictive modeling of dynamic loads

Gain expertise-informed insight into complex mechanisms, assembly constraints, and the operating environment. Engineer high quality functional behavior, and avoid problems caused by high reaction forces, torques, velocities, accelerations, and interference.

Understand and avoid the stresses that lead to early part replacement and failure in flexible non-linear kinematic assemblies and deployable structures. Whether for landing gears, sliding sunroofs, or suspension assemblies, our team can help you model actual motion and loads.

We are engineers for engineers




We know what it takes to keep things moving smoothly. Tackle the complexities of motion and dynamics with accurate simulation, workflow automation, and detailed analysis from the experts. Prevent poor performance and equipment downtime with kinematic analysis, dynamics assessments, design optimization solutions, and services.

Some project highlights

Robotic arm collision simulation

Predicted collision scenarios and timing delays to determine safe arm operation

Test tube organization

Verified tube organizing system for function and efficacy

Magnetic transportation device

Determined cornering forces and required down force for magnetically propelled laboratory transportation system

Pneumatic door operation

Modeled operation of door, reaction forces on holding brackets, and effectiveness of gas strut selection

Probe tip extraction

Performed misalignment analysis of stepper motor system to determine conditions for proper tip extraction

Delivering exceptional technical expertise

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do. Here are just some of our other services:

  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis of rigid body mechanisms
  • Evaluation of part flexibility effects on mechanism performance
  • Extraction of loads at system connections
  • Interference analysis
  • Verification of control system design and robustness for dynamic control of model

Digitization and the digital twin

Success stories

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace, in its efforts to build innovative solutions for space missions, sought Maya...

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