Electromagnetics Simulation.

Engineering electrical performance

Improve the performance of your electric and electromagnetic device designs. From motors, generators, and alternators to sensors, induction heating, and shielding, simulation delivers insight for the best-engineered emag solutions.

Build detailed electric and electromagnetic analysis into your processes and avoid problems related to vibration interference, over-heating, and early failure. 

We are engineers for engineers




Experience expertise that delivers. Benefit from low-frequency simulation and 2D and 3D finite element (FE) analysis informed by in-depth understanding of electromagnetics, thermal, mechanical, and vibro-acoustic simulation. Optimization, parametric studies, sensitivity analysis, systems-level integration, and multiphysics co-simulation round out our comprehensive electromagnetic expertise.

Some project highlights

Linear actuators

Improved the electromagnetic design of linear actuators for better performance

Medical devices

Designed efficient variable speed blowers by accurately estimating the efficiency of small high-speed motors and drive switching effects

Electrical motors

Delivered superior noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance up to the latest standards


Ensured compliance to avionic norms and standards

Delivering exceptional technical expertise

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do. Here are just some of our other services:

  • Electric machine design simulations
  • Coupled electromagnetic and thermal simulations
  • Rotating machines eccentricity analysis
  • Machine fault analysis
  • System-level integration
  • Design optimization, cogging torque reduction, weight optimization

Digitization and the digital twin

Success stories

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace

Magellan Aerospace, in its efforts to build innovative solutions for space missions, sought Maya...

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