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The Structural Analysis Toolkit for Nastran (SATK™) performs base-driven random simulation using Nastran eigenvectors

Structural Analysis Toolkit


The Structural Analysis Toolkit for Nastran (SATK™) performs base-driven random simulation using Nastran eigenvectors. Its speed and accuracy are unmatched: extracting true Von Mises nodal stresses for the 980,000 node, 600,000 element model shown above, over 250 modes, and for 3 axes of vibration, took a mere 120 minutes! SATK is a game changer because:

  • It uses state-of-the art integration algorithms: Integration occurs over only a subset of the requested results. And you don’t have to worry about specifying too few or too many integration frequencies.
  • It computes composite ply stresses, strains and failure metrics (failure index, strength ratio and margin of safety).
  • It doesn’t just compute RMS Von Mises stresses and ply metrics: Its fast approximation algorithm computes true, peak results that correspond to the probability you specify!
  • It automatically computes stress margins of safety.
  • It accounts for modal truncation effects.
  • It’s parallelized.
  • It uses the Nastran eigenvectors, which means the results are accurate.

SAToolkit2_tcm1023-5971SATK also performs harmonic base excitation, extracting phase-consistent Von Mises stresses.

SATK has a powerful Nastran .op2 results file reader: it processes selected data from the op2 file, and presents the results in Microsoft® Excel, HTML, FEMAP Neutral, Universal and ASCII formats. It is particularly useful in organizing numerous, large results data blocks into meaningful summaries, thereby saving valuable post-analysis results review time.

Learn how Structural Analysis Toolkit has increased TEN TECH LLC’s productivity by over 1000%!

Key benefits of SATK include:

  • Substantially reduces the time spent performing base excitation analysis – a factor of 2 or more is easily achieved
  • Fast and reliable critical design information
  • Increases productivity in all stages of structural analysis – from model generation through results preparation
  • Efficiently processes results from a large number of load cases and very large models
  • It integrates with NX™ and FEMAP
  • It supports both NX™ and MSC Nastran

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“Structural Analysis Toolkit turned a 2 day analysis (200,000 elements model with 100 modes with 3 random vibe cases) using a competing product, into a 6 minute job. Well worth the investment!””

William Villers, Director of Engineering




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