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NX Nastran is the industry’s leading FEM (finite element solver), delivering unmatched computational reliability, scalability, accuracy and performance. It comes with powerful solutions for non-linear and linear structural analysis, optimization, thermal analysis, aeroelasticity, rotor dynamics, acoustics and dynamic response analysis integrated into a single, user-friendly interface.

Available as an integrated solver within Simcenter 3D or as a standalone enterprise solution, NX Nastran simplifies modeling processes by presenting a single input/output file format for all solution types.

NX™ Nastran is a standalone solution for the extended enterprise

NX™ Nastran is a premium (CAE) tool that major manufacturers worldwide rely on for their critical engineering computing needs to produce safe, reliable and optimized designs within increasingly shorter design cycle times. For over 40 years, Nastran has been the analysis solution of choice in almost every major industry including aerospace, defense, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, medical and consumer products – an industry standard for the computer-aided analysis of stress, vibration, structural failure/durability, heat transfer, noise/acoustics and flutter/aeroelasticity.

Typically running on networked server CPUs, NX™ Nastran supports multiple users, multiple sites and/or multiple finite element pre- and post-processing applications, whether supplied by Siemens Digital Industries Software or other CAE solution providers.

Key benefits include:

  • Ideal for customers who need a single flexible, robust and cost-effective finite element solver solution able to support a wide range of product performance simulation processes
  • Proven – Nastran represents over 1,000 man-years of R&D investment by government and industry
  • Provides a high degree of interoperability with a large number of CAE applications and ensures a common simulation backbone across a wide variety of user needs and throughout the entire digital prototyping process
  • Available in two scalable core packages, plus advanced add-on modules that provide solutions for even the most advanced nonlinear structural analysis


Optimized Design

Helps manufacturers and engineering suppliers in the medical devices, heavy machinery, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other industries with critical computational needs, facilitating the development of innovative, optimized designs in increasingly shorter design cycles.


Acoustics Simulation

Delivers superior exterior and interior acoustic analysis within a single integrated solution, enabling engineering teams to make data-driven decisions that enhance products’ acoustical performance.


Unified Modeling Environment

Provides a unified modeling environment with easy-to-interpret visualization capabilities and efficient solvers that deliver accurate results and insights at every point of the product development lifecycle.

Optimization Capabilities

Helps mechanical and electrical designers meet performance targets by delivering innovative engineering optimization techniques that rapidly and efficiently determine the best design within specified criteria.

Structural Simulation

Best-in-class tool for solving a wide range of structural analysis problems and also helps engineers understand how components or products react under normal or extreme operating conditions.

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Maya HTT started out by helping to develop space exploration projects. The sky wasn't the limit. We now also develop for and offer products from Siemens Digital Industries Software. Are you looking for software solutions that specifically address your industry’s needs?

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