Simcenter Flotherm.

Solve thermal problems

Increase productivity with electronics cooling software that offers the broadest portfolio of tailored solutions. Perform thermal analysis, create virtual models and test design modifications, before ever creating a physical prototype.

An electronics cooling toolbox

Quickly and accurately build a broad range of electronics cooling solutions. Predict airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in components, boards, and complete systems. Reduce re-designs and unit costs, improve reliability and overall engineering quality and reduce time to market. Support chip, package, board, and system design, and even data centers.

Explore the Simcenter Flotherm Features

Intelligent Thermal Models

Integral model checking and streamlined model assembly for minimizing solve times and maximizing solution accuracy

MCAD and ECAD Integration

Tight integration to easily import, simplify, and convert native data from MCAD and EDA software into Simcenter Flotherm objects

Robust Mesh

The fastest solution time per grid cell, supporting integrally matched, nested, non-conformal grid interfaces between parts of the solution domain

Automatic Optimization

Simplified model building and solving, with automatic post-processing of results to reduce the time to optimized design
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