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Choose a mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) solution that helps spur innovation, manage risk, improve first-time suitability, and support collaboration across disciplines.

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Easier Designing and Documenting

NX for Design lets you create and modify both 2D and 3D geometry. In order to document the design of a product, it produces a virtual description that automatically documents:

  • Mechanical components
  • Assemblies
  • Sheet metal components
  • Products
  • Molds, dies, and other types of tooling
NX for Design
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Explore More Possibilities with Faster Iterations

Use NX for Design to explore a variety of design iterations with 2D and 3D parametric and synchronous modeling, assembly modeling, as well as solid and freeform modeling. You can also verify the form and fit of designs to ensure efficient assembly ahead of time.

The ability to develop and assess more iterations of a design, while it spurs innovation, is typically slowed down by the need to document design changes. NX for Design lowers this barrier to better designs by generating model-based definitions for comprehensive engineering documentation automatically.

Visualization and interoperability

Solving the Time-to-Market Challenge

Designing and producing a superior product isn’t enough if competing products beat you to the punch. NX for Design addresses this issue directly with a host of capabilities to take you from design stage to new product intro much faster.

It’s designed to help with capturing and communicating knowledge not just among your design team but with downstream functions like production planning and purchasing. Any changes you make to a design are automatically propagated across the organization. Built-in features like template studio and design model libraries also aid this process.

CAD modeling in Siemens NX for Design
Jet turbine in Siemens NX for Design

Reduce the Risk

One way to shrink the risk of product failure is to “fail fast and fail early.” This means identifying issues way back in the early design stages, when it’s still both easy and cost-effective to make changes. NX for Design provides tools to validate designs and discover and fix any issues when it serves you best: in the virtual space, not the physical space.

The solution also uses HD3D Visual Reporting to ease the design review process. It makes key information about the product clearly understandable within the context of the product model – even for non-expert decision makers. This improves first-time suitability by enabling a design to be continuously validated to ensure it meets all requirements before it goes into production.

Better Collaboration Across the Board

The design process often involves the work of collaborators beyond the design and engineering team. This can include industrial styling groups, detailers and drafters that prepare designs for manufacturing, and concept and layout designers for sales teams. NX for Design makes it easy to work with all of these groups.

In fact, many users work closely with outside suppliers and partners to finalize a design. NX for Design includes Synchronous Technology that makes it a snap to import data from outside sources – including non-Siemens CAD solutions – directly into NX for Design for easy editing.

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