Model complex component layups

Geometry-independent composite ply-based modeling software simplifies modeling of complex component layups and makes it possible to closely match laminate schedules to manufacturing processes.

Versatile composite layup tools

Quickly and easily handle complex layups, ply draping, and composite post-processing with this affordable solution for improving the accuracy and reliability of composite manufacturing output. Reduce the need for late-stage design modifications by accurately accounting for fibre angle deviation and verifying production processes ahead of time.


Explore the FEMPLY Features

2D CAD Extraction

Accurate and reproducible components based on extracted 2D CAD ply shapes used in cutting patterns or ply booklets

Post-Processing Capabilities

Identification of critical areas based on robust post-processing of failure theorems, sandwich stability, and output vectors

Composite Modeling

Advanced composite modeling functionalities for the economical and accurate design, analysis, and manufacturing of highly complex composite components

Design Reuse

Maximizing the value of product knowledge by making it repeatable across scenarios and use cases

Sandwich Stability

Calculations for ply strength, honeycomb dimpling, shear crimping, and skin wrinkling
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