Electronic Systems Cooling.

Optimize electronic system design to effectively handle the heat, dust particles, and humidity changes that are an ever-present concern for electronic enclosures.

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The Right Tool for the Job

Resolve the challenges of thermal engineering for electronic systems during the design phase. Electronic Systems Cooling is a vertical application specifically developed to simulate the physics of heat transfer and fluid flow within electronic enclosures.

As an add-on to Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop, Electronic Systems Cooling is designed for a single purpose: to make it easy to understand and optimize various aspects of enclosed electronic systems, such as:

  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid flow
  • The movement of particles such as dust
  • Humidity and condensation
Thermal flow with Electronic Systems Cooling
PCB thermal analysis with Siemens Electronic Systems Cooling

Cool, Sophisticated Capabilities

Building detailed models of electronic systems and their cooling configurations lets you meet product design requirements early on, which saves time and money.

The Electronic Systems Cooling solution includes a host of capabilities for thermo-fluid analysis, including:

  • 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Navier-Stokes and solid heat conduction
  • Laminar and turbulent (k-E and mixing length) flows
  • Altitude and buoyancy effects
  • Internal and external flows
  • Radiation enclosures
  • Multiple fluid enclosures with distinct fluids

Speeding Designs for Many Applications

Run what-if analyses to create more design iterations quickly and spur innovation. Electronic Systems Cooling incorporates synchronous technology to simplify making changes to the geometry of your design.

The solution’s ease-of-use and simulation capabilities make it ideal for perfecting electronic systems cooling strategies for many different applications, including:

  • Modeling heat sinks and placement of components
  • Analyzing thermal management for enclosures, power supplies, and subsystems
  • Verifying the thermal design of PC boards, FPCs, and multi-chip modules
  • Determining space requirements between components
  • Predicting fan operations
  • Estimating volume and mass flow
  • Computing inlet/outlet pressure gradients
  • Identifying recirculation areas and potential hot spots
Thermal cooling analysis with Siemens Electronic Systems Cooling

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