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Datacenter Clarity LC.

Datacenter Clarity LC provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure

Datacenter Clarity LC is a cutting-edge, world-class solution that leverages management tools to optimize energy consumption and equipment placement for seamless data center management. The state-of-the-art data center lifecycle management platform offers IT and data center managers a 360-degree view into data center operations in real-time.

It also provides them with the means to effectively manage data center infrastructure and determine the most efficient data center configuration possible.

Advance DCIM at affordable cost

Datacenter Clarity LC ® provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure, with a complete, real-time picture of asset attributes in 3D, and powerful tools to determine the most efficient datacenter configuration possible.

Key Benefits:

  • Get clear insight into all your mission critical and interdependent systems
  • Prevent problems by properly forecasting capacity issues before they happen
  • Troubleshoot unforeseen events with access to real-time data
  • Optimize your assets for greater efficiency and reduced cooling costs
  • Supports standard data center management frameworks, including COBIT and ITIL®.

Datacenter Clarity LC is built on a foundation that has served as the backbone of engineering departments across the globe in the space, automotive, aerospace, military and defense, and oil and gas industries for several decades. Coupled with the most powerful real-time monitoring engine on the market, Datacenter Clarity LC brings tremendous value to the colocation market.


Web Client

Provides a comprehensive 3D picture of asset attributes in real-time and leverages the latest mobile and web development frameworks to facilitate seamless access to performance information on all data center devices.

System Architecture

Leverages cutting-edge Siemens PLM technology to deliver state-of-the-art engineering and product lifecycle management solutions to IT managers.


Process Management

Delivers innovative process management functionalities for optimized infrastructure, assets and operations, enabling management of all change requests in your data center.

Real-Time Reports

Provides accurate real-time reports and analysis of data center operational information, enabling IT managers to make better decisions.

Energy Efficiency

Reduces power consumption (and as a result, data center cooling and energy costs) by looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of your data center.

Protocol Support

Provides support for over 800 proprietary and standard protocols, enabling instant connectivity to LIMS systems, PLC/ Instrument systems, SCADA/DCS, Fire and Alarm systems, IDS, BMS, EPMS, facility and IT devices, and other business information and management systems.

Asset Visualization

Delivers real-time reports on device failures and renders data pertaining to the physical layout of data centers in 3D and 2D views (such as possible floor layout and asset configurations), including precise circuit and cable management solutions.

See how Datacenter Clarity LC can help you

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Learn how eBay was able to create a cockpit view of its datacenter using Datacenter Clarity LC’s DCIM solution.

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Atos-Livingston (IT Provider), A leading IT services firm gains greater transparency into data center operations with Datacenter Clarity LC.

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PLM implementation increases efficiency and flexibility, improving fulfillment of customer requirements and regulatory compliance.

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