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3D editing software for mechanical parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD system

3D Sync

3D editing software for mechanical parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD system

If you are an engineer or designer, chances are you have imported 3D data that needs to be integrated into your design. Since most 3D CAD software packages don’t provide tools to edit foreign data, you probably wasted valuable time re-creating parts or assemblies. Now there’s a solution: 3DSync.

3DSync is an affordable 3D editing tool that allows you to edit mechanical parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD system. In fact, you can directly manipulate geometry by adding 3D driving dimensions. 3DSync’s Live Rules finds and preserves design intent, and Live Sections lets you edit inserted 2D cross sections. Data translators allow you to read and write IGES, STEP, Parasolid, JT and many other 3D formats.

3D Editing Software that Speeds Everyday Modifications

3DSync uses synchronous technology to help you work better with imported 3D mechanical part models and quickly complete any required editing. Some examples of these everyday tasks include creating a new design variation based on an imported part, adding material to a supplier’s model to withstand increased operational loads, and adding rounded edges and drafted faces for manufacturability. 3DSync quickly and easily handles these modifications.

Edit Any 3D CAD File

3DSync supports several formats, from industry standards to CAD-specific. Neutral file formats include:

  • IGES .IGES and .IGS
  • JT .JT
  • Parasolid .X_T and X_B
  • STEP .STEP and .STP

Native file formats include:

  • Autodesk Inventor .IAM and .IPT
  • NX .PRT
  • PTC .ASM and .PRT
  • Solid Edge documents .PAR .PSM .ASM .PWD, SDRC .XPK and .PLMXPK
  • SolidWorks .SLDASM and .SLDPRT

Catia version 4 .MODEL and version 5 .CATPART and .CATPRODUCT are supported with an additional purchase.

A 3D Editor that Saves Time and Money

3DSync complements your existing CAD system, enabling you to re-use more foreign data from your suppliers and customers, and reduce design times and costs associated with remodeling or paying supplier change fees.

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