Shopfloor Connectivity.

Connecting systems to avoid costly problems

Implement a digital thread connecting end-to-end processes for operational efficiency. Avoid the widening gap in digital productivity, and remain on top with best-in-class integration.

Transfer information toward the shopfloor seamlessly and ensure the latest release version is used. Make better-informed decisions and optimize your global manufacturing processes with well defined workflows and accessible metrics. Improve the yield and quality of the goods you produce.

Our expertise improves your productivity




Our expert team helps put the proper infrastructure in place so you can scale your manufacturing business. We understand productivity needs and have the NX CAM and CNC expertise to support your team in keeping the lead.

Some project highlights

Digital thread

Ensured that everyone has the right data to do the job, from NX CAM to the shopfloor

Valuable savings

Measured savings in hours, in parts not scrapped, and in customer satisfaction, thanks to proper data management and version control


Assessed and implemented the right digital infrastructure to scale the business

Implementing workflow expertise

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other services:

  • Teamcenter connectivity
  • Program validation
  • Shop floor assessment
  • Connecting machines

How to engineer efficiency

Success stories

Vermont Violins

Vermont Violins

Crafting Harmony and Quality with Solid Edge and CNC Machining Find out how Vermont Violins, a...

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