Automated NC Programming & Knowledge Reuse.

Feature-based machining

Save up to 90% on programming time with feature-based machining (FBM). Use programming automation to differentiate and scale your manufacturing business.

Efficiently extract attributes from parts and features, associate them to historical machining data, automatically generate clamping and fixturing plans, and determine the optimal number of setups. Get the benefit of custom end-to-end processes developed to suit your needs, supported by a strong infrastructure.

We’re the efficiency engineers




We put our clients ahead of the pack with the tools to manage costs and generate quotes quickly and consistently. When things get complicated, we’re the specialists to call. We have the end-to-end expertise to help you save time in making prototypes, tools and production parts real.

Some project highlights

Added functionalities

Expanded NX capabilities to fulfill specific needs

Extensive automation

Increased throughput by automating simple and complex repetitive work

Knowledge reuse

Leveraged FBM and made NX apply proprietary machining knowledge

Implementing machine tool expertise

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other services:

  • Feature-based machining
  • Automating and extending CAM through NX Open
  • Identifying optimal tool lists

How to engineer efficiency

Success stories

Vermont Violins

Vermont Violins

Crafting Harmony and Quality with Solid Edge and CNC Machining Find out how Vermont Violins, a...

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