Thermal Solver Developer

Montreal, Ontario
Posted 7 months ago


  • Develop new thermal solver features to address customer needs in the aerospace industry;
  • Develop new algorithms and methods for computational heat transfer (including radiation, conduction and 1-D convection), using finite volume and/or finite element based methods;
  • Optimize pre-existing code and algorithms for both performance and accuracy;
  • Assist customer support staff to diagnose thermal models and identify bugs; and
  • Perform maintenance in a large code system consisting of FORTRAN, C and C++ code.


  • A PhD degree with specialization in computational heat transfer, or equivalent experience
  • A deep understanding of the physics of conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer, particularly as it is applied in the aircraft engine industry
  • Experience working with large FORTRAN codes
  • Strong software skills, including experience with C++, MPI, OpenMP, and/or CUDA
  • Experience with finite volume or finite element methods
  • Proficiency with an engineering analysis package in a CAD/CAE environment

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