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Datacenter Management Challenges

Without real-time visibility on data center equipment details, or the ever-changing electrical and network connection requirements, data center managers have their work cut out for them. Capacity planning can be frustrating without the ability to conduct predictive analysis on the availability of space, power and cooling in a data center. Datacenter Clarity LC’s 4D, 3D and 2D reporting includes the most up-to-date cooling, power and network data, which helps to determine the optimum placement of equipment. Using our DCIM solution, data center managers can access real-time equipment information and make key decisions, without ever relying on guesswork.

Accurate and timely capacity reporting is of critical importance because it mitigates the wastage of valuable datacenter resources, and predicts the impact of future installations. Working with our DCIM solution can help standardize processes in operations that help to reduce operator errors, which can account for as much as 80 percent of system outages.

How Maya HTT can help

Real-time 360-degree view of data center operations

With proven expertise in developing software solutions that model real-life situations, Maya HTT is in a unique position to deliver products and solutions that facilitate efficient data center management.

Our DCIM solution leverages management tools to optimize energy consumption and equipment placement, and provides clients with a powerful set of tools to determine the most efficient datacenter configuration possible, and accurately manage the data center infrastructure.

How Datacenter Clarity LC™ helps you manage data center infrastructure, with a complete, real-time picture of asset attributes in 3D, and powerful tools to determine the most efficient data center configuration possible

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