OSIsoft PI Integrator Services.

Actionable insights with data and AI

Move from complexity to simplicity and from asset and process intelligence to operational intelligence. Architect and transform your PI System data into business intelligence to support your tough operations decision-making.

The OSIsoft PI System is highly scalable. Its open data infrastructure empowers enterprises in real-time, transforming operational data into actionable knowledge and business transformation. Whether for ships, manufacturing plants, power generation turbines, batch processing, smart buildings, smart hospitals, or data centers, gain the ability to integrate a myriad of data sources into your PI System. 

We transform operational data into actionable knowledge




The apps and industrial AI algorithms we develop deliver business insights into a wide spectrum of operational data, assets, and processes. Our expertise spans more than 100+ deployments of OSIsoft PI Systems (from small to extra large), including many enterprise agreement customers.

Some project highlights

Fleet Management

Delivered a system to connect vessels and improve operational excellence and analytics

Data Centers

Implemented a cockpit view of data center operations for a major online retailer

Data Cleansing

Developed a cloud-based data cleansing and anomaly detection app

Delivering smart data-driven insights

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other IIoT and data analytics services:

  • Explainable outlier events
  • High accuracy automated document classification
  • Reduce metal part machining time
  • Accurate transient thermal results from LSTM ROM model protecting the intellectual property of the complete system-level engineering model
  • Discover and avoid anomalies in real-time
  • Leverage engineering simulation for augmenting AI datasets
  • Predict upstream issues in discrete or continuous manufacturing to avoid quality assurance problems downstream
  • Root cause analysis and insights from manufactured product performance variance to improve new designs moving forward
  • Optimize asset health and asset uptime
  • Increase operational efficiency

Beyond the hype of industry 4.0 & AI

Success stories



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