Industry 4.0 & Automation.

Leading the next industrial revolution

Global supply chains, product complexity, market volatility, and on-demand personalization are paving the way for new industry leaders to emerge. Now is the time to leverage technologies and strategies for building on data-driven intelligence to increase productivity and enterprise-wide integration.

A clear view of your digital transformation strengths and opportunities is a must. Where to start? With a state-of-the-art digital maturity audit and the benefit of expert insight and a powerful action plan.

We are the 3-in-1 data science, simulation, and software solution




We have the deep knowledge in 1D, 2D, and 3D simulation to create accurate digital twins; the IIoT and AI expertise to make them useful; and the custom development chops to round out the best solution for you. Our digital transformation experts can help you unlock performance and quality improvements with smart solutions for new future-proofed and data-driven business models.

Some project highlights


Deployed AI-based failure analysis to improve yield, reduce waste, and predict quality

Outlier detection

Provided unsupervised high-dimensional outlier detection to enable predictive maintenance and minimize downtime

Fleet management

Delivered a system to connect vessels and improve operational excellence and analytics

Data cleansing

Developed a cloud-based data cleansing and anomaly detection app


Optimized reinforcement learning for metal parts machining

Soft sensors

Implemented AI and simulation-based soft sensors to optimize processes and operations

Delivering smart data-driven insights

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other data analytics services:

  • Real-time data collection and historization using industry leading on-premise and cloud tools
  • Configuration of operational dashboards and displays including custom widget development
  • Live overlay of process data on 3D CAD and BIM models

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has been underway since about 2016.


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As a result of great increases in computational power, AI no longer resides in the realm of media hype and science fiction. Today, AI offers concrete benefits in all areas of engineering, manufacturing, and operations. From deep neural networks and long short-term memory (LSTM) algorithms to reinforcement and physics informed neural networks (PINN), the possibilities are endless. Industry data holds gold nuggets; AI is they key to finding and using them.


Beyond the hype of industry 4.0 & AI

Success stories



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