Industrial IoT, AI & Data Analytics.

Building a connected future with industrial IoT

Data increasingly forms the foundation of successful business strategies, product innovation and customer satisfaction. Your company’s ability to compete effectively hinges on its proficiency in collecting, interpreting, and understanding data.

As smart devices proliferate and industrial-grade reliable high-speed networks become the norm, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are becoming must-have tools. Establishing your AI roadmap and building the skills to cope efficiently with a massive, globally distributed influx of data will be imperative.

We deliver data confidence and insight




We are the industrial internet of things (IIoT) data experts. Our deep knowledge of connected systems and customized software changes the playing field. We deliver the expertise you need to shift from a reactive and preventative stance to one of predictive and proactive control.

Explore our IIoT and data analytics services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Augmenting your team with a deep bench of data scientists and engineers to create the best next-generation industrial-grade AI solutions

Industry 4.0

A full spectrum of digitalization services to transform your business for data-driven success today and tomorrow


Leveraging agile and reactive no code/low code app building platform to connect many data sources and build efficient engineering and business apps

OSIsoft PI Integrator

Certified OSIsoft PI expertise helping to architect and transform PI System data into business intelligence with support for tough operations decision-making

Making way for the industrial IoT revolution

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other IIoT and data analytics services:

  • AI readiness assessment
  • AI roadmap creation
  • AI team augmentation
  • AZURE & AWS data connectivity & AI services
  • Industry 4.0 audit
  • Mendix apps
  • Custom OEE Reports and Dashboards
  • Osisoft PI integration
  • Osisoft cloud services (OCS) apps
  • Osisoft PI customization
  • Smart buildings & 4D BIM Viewer Apps
  • Smart manufacturing apps

Beyond the hype of industry 4.0 & AI

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Siemens Mobility

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