Composites Design.

From material evaluation to full-scale modeling

Composite designs can deliver ultra-strong, lightweight products, although at the cost of added complexity. Achieve the best designs with insight from the experts. Leverage our industrial and software experience to support your process and product development needs.

Define representative orthotropic material properties for use in downstream simulations and damage modeling. Identify manufacturing constraints and progressively account for them in the simulation as the design evolves. Quantitatively and qualitatively validate  component laminate models in complex assembly models.

We add layers of optimization to your design




We know composite simulation and test, on Earth and in space. From manufacturing process to structural optimization, our modeling and simulation expertise delivers excellent thermal-structural performance, at the right scale and depth for your project.

Some project highlights

Space systems

Designed a new, more complex spacecraft structure, complete with its own subsystems

Electronic systems

Defined the structural and thermal designs of solar array honeycomb panels


Performed qualification vibration testing of composite structures


Designed mass-efficient laminate components (bus floor)

Uncovering the best solutions

We couldn’t possibly list everything we do! Here are just some of our other design services:

  • Design of advanced composites employing continuous fibers manufacturing processes
  • Any process involving hand layup of plies (RTM, VARTM, etc..) or processes that involve automated material deposition (ATL, AFP)
  • Detailed simulation methodology (nonlinear fasteners, buckling/post-bucking, damage)
  • Laminate structure optimization (OptiAssist)
  • Advanced composite materials modelling and characterization (MultiMechanics)
  • Thermoelastic distortion analysis

Next-gen design for the digital enterprise

Success stories

Piper Aircraft

Piper Aircraft

Aircraft manufacturer uses NX CAD and Teamcenter to develop wing that increases fuel payload by 35...

De Voogt Naval Architects

De Voogt Naval Architects

Customer-driven designs “Our customers’ wishes are sacred,” explains Pieter Schouten, ICT manager...

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