Maya HTT specializes in the structural and thermal design of parts and assemblies made from advanced composite materials. We offer simulation, software development, training and mentoring services, allowing your composites designs to meet their specific requirements.


Capabilities and Expertise

  • Part Sizing and Optimization
    • Stiffness, strength, weight, heat transfer
    • Linear and nolinear statics, dynamics
    • Damage Modeling
      • Delamination, progressive ply failure, core
  • Design and Stress Analysis Mentoring/Review
  • CAD/CAE software customization
  • Features, Material Selection and Analysis
    • Sandwich structures
    • Bonded and bolted joints
    • Through-thickness conductivity
  • Support for Material Characterization
    • Test support
    • Stress/strain limit derivation methodology
  • Design for Manufacturability
    • Design guideline development
    • Manufacturing method selection
  • Certification Requirement Management
  • In-Service Experience
    • Standard/non-standard repair development
    • Effects of long-term environmental exposure

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