ElectraMeccanica SOLO: From blank page to driving prototype in 18 months

Lauded as one of the coolest cars of 2020 by Forbes Magazine, ElectraMeccanica’s SOLO has sparked interest for its innovative design and performance. With a price point that is within reach and functionality that meets the needs of most consumers, ElectraMeccanica’s SOLO is an exciting and accessible new option for environmentally conscious drivers.

The company is featured in this issue of Engineer Innovation magazine, with a Q&A look at the processes and software that made it possible to deliver an innovative, high-quality product in such a short time frame.

As a Siemens Smart Partner, Maya HTT understood the challenges facing the ElectraMeccanica team. Maya HTT contributed in-depth knowledge of Siemens Digital Industries Software and expertise to support ElectraMeccanica through key stress points as the team implemented a streamlined and collaborative process using Siemens Simcenter, NX and Teamcenter software. Having access across teams to the same software tools has improved collaboration and opened communication channels, driving a smooth expansion.

Read about the SOLO’s 18-month journey from blank page to driving prototype on page 26.

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