Bausch+Stroebel’s consultation, sales, production, assembly, service and R&D is performed at a single location. There, the many different project participants need access to up-to-date information for managing processes ranging from requirements engineering to project and design engineering, to production and verification. That is why Bausch+Stroebel decided to implement a central information platform based on the Teamcenter® digital lifecycle management solution from Siemens Digital Industries Software. This platform incorporates additional product lifecycle management (PLM) functionality, called PLM-easy, from BCT Technology AG, a Siemens solution partner.

This information system (Teamcenter with PLM-easy) was designed for mediumsized machinery companies. Teamcenter enables the managing and sharing of all product design data and most importantly, eases the creation and management of documentation throughout the company. Also, complete BOMs are administered by the Teamcenter-based solution. Due to Bausch+Stroebel’s CAD history, which includes many systems used in parallel, a multi-CAD environment must be maintained and various data formats must be managed. With help from BCT, Bausch+Stroebel was able to integrate existing 2D CAD applications into Teamcenter, enabling convenient drawing management. Now, gradually, all other information is being included as well.

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