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Applied Artificial Intelligence


We are a team of professionals with practical experience solving business challenges using AI algorithms. Based in Montreal, Canada, we are leveraging a multitude of AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms to solve real world problems and business challenges our clients are facing for which AI can deliver tangible solutions and results. Our focus is to apply artificial intelligence algorithms in a systematic and practical way to help you with your business.



Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Research on neural networks began in the early 50s when Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy founded the first Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT. The advent of deep learning algorithms over the last two decades has led to many practical applications, such as using AI algorithms to filter SPAM for your email.


The recent AI-based self-driving cars, enhanced cancer diagnosis tools, and predictive maintenance successes have triggered a renewed interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning (DL).


Today, with improved algorithms, computational power (CPU & GPU), parallel computing combined with the ability to collect real-time data as well as using IoT to acquire data; adopting AI into your business is not only merely possible, it must and will become a critical part of your digital transformation strategy if it is not already. AI will be key for your company to become the business predator you ought to be and not fall prey to others who will disrupt your market.



Adopting AI to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation


For over 35 years, Maya HTT has been working hand-in-hand with some of the world’s largest engineering and manufacturing companies on their journey towards digitization where AI and ML are playing an increasingly critical role: from product conceptual studies, to design optimization, to predictive engineering and maintenance analysis, automation, real-time data acquisition and analytics, to production planning and commissioning, and finally to turn resulting operational data into new businesses.



Our Team


Our team of 150 employees consists data scientists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and software developers. Our experience in software development, data analytics, optimization algorithms, deep learning combined with our domain expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and operations; put us in a unique positon to help make AI work for you, whether it is to adopt AI to accelerate your digital transformation, or to solve specific real-world business or technical challenges.



How We are Helping Our Customers


Our goal is to help bring practical and real value of AI to your business. Our approach is to first understand your business objectives and challenges through a collaborative AI assessment workshop. Together we will assess your AI readiness, determine data pre-requisites, discuss the human element of the project, and identify viable and practical AI projects that will help accelerate your business goals. Here are a few examples of how we have helped our customers in achieving various business goals:

Steps of a Typical AI/ML Project


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