Workflow Automation

MAYA offers over 25 years of software development experience to help leverage your investment in engineering software tools. As a developer of core products within the Siemens PLM Software family of tools, we’re extremely familiar with NX™, Teamcenter®, Solid Edge®, Femap™, and other environments. We can put this knowledge to work for you by creating user interfaces and software tools to automate your process workflow.

Our customers have found that customization of NX™ has helped them:

  • Convert CATIA macros to NX Open applications, so you can still benefit from your CATIA customizations when migrating to NX
  • Reduce the time spent on individual tasks by more than 50%
  • Save up to 70% of time spent on processes
  • Standardize global engineering processes by adopting best practices worldwide

We help you automate repetitive tasks and capture, re-use, and apply best practices in your engineering processes. We do this using our skills and experience in software development, support and training.

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