As specialists in structural, thermal, and CFD analysis, as well as mechanical testing, the MAYA team has the skills and know-how to deal with your most challenging engineering problems. Using leading-edge CAD and CAE technology our team of highly trained engineers and scientists work with top-tier companies around the world to support staff with unique and powerful capabilities and resources.

MAYA’s proficiency in software engineering development enables us to provide advanced services in numerical simulation, design validation and prototype testing at all stages of your product design lifecycle. We have extensive hands-on industry experience in many areas such as aeronautics, automotive and ground transportation, cold-chain packaging simulation, consumer products, defense, high-tech electronics, lighting, medical equipment, nuclear and power generation plants and space to name a few. We can help with projects such as:

  • Mechanical testing to understand the impact of heat transfer, flow, and structural dynamics on your design
  • CAE simulation in-time to implement design changes leading to better, more innovative products
  • Compliance with industry standards or customer requirements using CAE simulation or mechanical testing as design validation tools
  • Troubleshooting operational or test failures
  • Ensuring product quality across a distributed engineering environment
  • Simulate your product performance involving the most complex physical phenomenon
  • Developing solver extensions, specific software modules to automate in-house advanced numerical algorithms, or applications
  • Improving CAE/CAD integration processes and in-house workflows
  • Optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce production costs, streamline operations, and improve overall product quality


“We engaged MAYA because of their domain expertise and their strong knowledge of NX CAE. The solution provided will reduce the time for our designers to conduct the thermal analysis of a hot runner manifold – thus increasing their efficiency and freeing up their time to focus on design challenges. Furthermore, thanks to this tool, more of our designers, regardless of their experience level, are able to optimize and validate their designs by conducting these thermal analyses.”

Moustapha Adjadj, Project Manager
Husky Injection Molding Inc.


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