Automation & NX™ Open

MAYA’s NX™ Open development and customization service tailors NX™ solutions to your specific engineering needs. We help you automate repetitive tasks and capture, re-use and apply best practices in your engineering processes. We do this using our skills and experience in software development, support and training.

As an OEM developer for Siemens PLM®, MAYA has an unrivalled knowledge of the NX™ platform’s core code. Our applications have proven robustness.

 Specifically, MAYA can help with:

  • Convert CATIA macros to NX Open applications, so you can still benefit from your CATIA customizations when migrating to NX
  • Modify the software user interface to meet the demands of your organization
  • Automate repetitive tasks common to your development and analysis teams
  • Add functionality to meet specific industry requirements

Key benefits of customizing your NX™ software include:

  • Realize significant savings from customizing your NX™ environment to meet your needs and workflow
  • Reduce time spent on individual tasks by up to 50%
  • Save up to 70% of time spent on processes
  • Standardize your global engineering processes using best practices

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