Advances in computing technologies make it practical for engineering simulations to account for the effects of two or more interacting physical phenomena. The coupling of electrical Joule heating, CFD, conduction, and advanced radiation heat transfer has provided us with the technology and understanding necessary to correlate several multi-physics phenomena.

MAYA develops industry-leading simulation software, and has extensive experience using these tools to solve real-world engineering thermo-fluid and multi-physics problems. Our team of specialists can help you use your software more efficiently and effectively to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve results. We can also help jump start your analyses by building robust multi-physics models and performing the necessary simulations for you. We have a strong engineering record in aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, high tech electronics, heavy industry, and manufacturing applications.


We offer a unique set of products and services to:

  • Perform complex multi-physics simulations, including:
    1. Efficient 2-way coupling between CFD and thermal solvers
    2. Embedded electrical-joule heating models
    3. Thermal-structural coupling
  • Provide unique and powerful modeling toolset for structural, thermal and flow analysis
  • Powerful thermal and flow mapping tools to transfer results data as structural model loads
  • Develop customized workflows to automate repetitive simulation tasks
  • Create software extensions to meet specific modeling requirements involving complex physics phenomena

Key benefits of a MAYA solution include:

  • Conduct complex coupled physics simulations in a single unified simulation environment
  • Enable unsurpassed collaboration between analysis domain experts
  • Gain further insight through coupled thermo-fluid multi-physics analysis using NX™ Flow with NX™ Thermal
  • Reduce costly physical prototypes by using multi-physics simulation to understand product performance
  • Shorten modeling time for both initial and subsequent design-analysis iterations
  • Leverage the full capabilities of the NX™ integrated development environment to make quick design changes and provide rapid feedback on thermal performance

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