Through our partnership with BuildIT® Software & Solutions, as well as our experienced team of mechanical engineers, metrology application specialists, and software developers, MAYA provides a wide range of metrology solutions.

Our solutions feature real-time feedback for tool building, inspection, and assembly applications. As a result you can automate your processes to streamline operations and ensure reliability.

A key component of our metrology solutions is BuildIT® software, an easy to use 3D software solution that interfaces with portable coordinate measurement machines (CMM) for:

  • Real-Time Part Inspection
  • Tool Building
  • Assembly
  • Alignment
  • Measurement process automation
  • Quality control

Key benefits of a MAYA metrology solution include:

  • Improved and streamlined manufacturing processes
  • Increased product quality
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased reliability
  • Multi-CAD and multi-device support for maximum compatibility with legacy systems

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