ECAD & Mechatronics

The process of exchanging data between ECAD systems driven by electrical engineers and MCAD systems driven by mechanical engineers or designers can prove challenging. For these systems to perform properly, an effective marriage of mechanical and electrical domains is required. MAYA’s strong experience in both disciplines, and their integration, helps ensure your projects go smoothly.

MAYA also develops printed circuit board (PCB) data exchange and modelling products that provide associative and bi-directional data exchange between ECAD PCB layout software and Siemens PLM digital product development applications such as NX™.

We offer a unique set of products and services to:

  • Translate data exchange files to NX™ or NX™ I-deas 3D geometry (supported formats include IDF, IDX, GenCAD, and native Zuken PCB databases)
  • Develop customized workflows for data exchange between ECAD and MCAD systems
  • Boost your productivity through quick-start services to teach best practices

Key benefits of a MAYA solution include:

  • Enhanced design collaboration through information sharing between electrical and mechanical engineers
  • Eliminate ECAD/MCAD or MCAD/ECAD engineering data communication errors by removing manual data transfers
  • Shorten design time to improve overall efficiency
  • Eliminate tedious work for mechanical designers by automatically creating and placing electrical and mechanical components in a 3D printed circuit board assembly
  • Leverage and reuse existing 3D component models from a PLM database
  • Enable fast downstream packaging and simulation studies, such as interference checking, board level thermal analyses, system-level cooling analyses, and drop test and vibration simulations

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